Smart e-toll mobile application



We propose the design and development of a mobile application, named e-toll, which provides valuable information and transit services. E-toll allows drivers of any type of vehicle to travel from the Patras’ Port to Igoumenitsa’s port and the way back via Ionia Odos. Drivers could download this mobile app from, e.g. google store, create an account, declare the vehicle(s) ID(s) (plates, etc.) and import the payment card number for immediately charging services while passing from the toll stations in an integrated way. E-toll mobile app could incorporate the individual six (6) toll companies plus the passage of some bridges and tunnels all over Greece (and potentially other companies in the Adriatic area and Europe) which at present use different electronic payment ways (e-transponders) for charging drivers bypassing the current fragmented toll market. In addition, E-toll could provide the driver and especially drivers from abroad with valuable information about the highways’ road condition, special offers in cooperation with gas stations and shops on the highways, etc.

Technology Description

E-toll is an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Technologies that are being used for its development include vehicle networks, wireless sensor network, cameras, vehicle traffic organization systems, electronic toll collection systems and intelligent traffic light management systems for efficient regulation of road traffic.

Main advantages

At present, there is not such an app that integrates all the toll vendors and facilitates the vehicle’s quick passing through toll gates with no stop.

Stage of development

The concept has been proven experimentally (TRL3).

Challenge and needs

The first stage of implementing this mobile app is the acceptance and agreement of the potentially involved toll companies for this integration - especially those of Ionia Odos motorway, the bridge Charilaos Trikoupis (Rio - Antirio) and the undersea tunnel Aktio - Preveza. Then potentially sponsors or advertisers relevant to customer care and tourism services on the road and logistics companies should be founded. The final stage includes the design and implementation of the E-toll app. This stage involves mobile device companies, software development companies or generally IT companies. Future app’s updates could potentially facilitate the transition to shared automated mobility. The overall challenge is an integrated charging environment all over Greece and potentially beyond.

Intellectual property

A prior art search is scheduled to be done.

Potential markets and targets

  • Road safety and Customer Care Services
  • Vehicle industry
  • Mobile devices companies
  • Tourist industry

Potential partners

  • Port authorities
  • System integrators
  • Logistics companies

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