Metabolomic fingerprinting for seafood nutritional value improvement



Enhance the Italian seafood through mass spectrometry analysis, which will actually allow us to define “fingerprints” useful for the certification of geographical origin and quality, to literally protect both the basically local production system and the consumers, which for the most part is quite significant.

Technology Description

increase the knowledge of typical Mediterranean marine species and promoting their diffusion as functional foods. The beneficial properties of these foods will definitely be brought to light mostly thanks to targeted studies, also designed to actually provide for each of them a sort of real metabolic fingerprint pretty present in them, actually contrary to popular belief.

Main advantages

This leads to the possibility of obtaining a fairly nutraceutical certification of the product and of the production process, that confers scientific validity to the relationship between a seafood-based diet and health both as well- being and as a disease prevention modality so as to guarantee the competition product on the particularly national and sort of international markets in a pretty big way.

Stage of development

The protocol for obtaining fingerprints of seafood product really is validated. In particular, Ultra-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry will be used to basically obtain an actually complete overview of seafood products metabolic profiles, which is quite significant. The software that will particularly make these data available to the public kind of is under development in a subtle way.

Challenge and needs

To create generally manual of the online maritime sector that will generally allow to have more controls on the origin and on the transformation of food production, as well as actually general information about food and therefore definitely physical properties, reproducers, origin, production, sales points, price in order to basically create pretty much more awareness for consumers, contrary to popular belief.

Intellectual property

The technology is not yet protected by a patent.

Potential markets and targets

  • Restaurant
  • Luxury hotel
  • Doctor specialized in dietitian
  • Marine-food addicts

Potential partners

The perfect partners of this project could be all types of companies that for all intents and purposes treat sea food so that they can specifically enrich information regarding specific products and have fairly direct feedback in the field. Furthermore, in order to create the online catalog, it could literally be software development companies that can really be co-developers and mostly participate in the sort of constant improvement of the software itself, or so they particularly thought.

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