Development of innovative anti-aging formulas enriched with bioactive agents derived from fish processing residues using ultrasound assisted extraction and electrohydrodynamic encapsulation technique



The proposed technologies aim at developing innovative cosmetic formulations based on natural bioactive compounds that possess antioxidant and anti-aging properties. These formulations will combine the moisturizing and nutritional action of collagen, omega-3 fatty acids and the anti-aging effect of antioxidants derived from the skin, bones and offals from fish processing.

Technology Description

For the development of innovative cosmetic formulations based on bioactive compounds derived from fish processing residues,  showing antioxidant and anti-aging action, the following activities/process will be carried out:

  1. Isolation of the target compounds by ultrasound assisted extraction using solvent systems suitable for cosmetics
  2. Nanoencapsulation of the target substances via the electrohydrodynamic process and spray-drying in natural matrices
  3. Development of anti-ageing formulas

Main advantages

Creation of a new market based on the exploitation of fish processing by-products. The new products developed within the project will strengthen the anti-aging cosmetics industry and help open up a new market for innovative formulations based on products of unique inland origin.

Stage of development

All the proposed techniques, ultrasound assisted extraction and electrohydrodynamic encapsulation technique are technologies validated in semi pilot infrastructure that belongs to our Laboratory (TRL4).

Challenge and needs

The challenge for the proposed project/collaboration with business partners is the upscaling of the TRL through the demonstration of the proposed methodology to the relevant environment.

Intellectual property

A prior art search is under development.

Potential markets and targets

An increasing number of consumers worldwide are looking for ways to maintain youthful appetite, and this is particularly reflected in the growing demand for anti-aging products. The continued emergence of new products and innovations in the cosmetology industry suggests that the development of the particular manufacturing sector will continue for several years. As for the anti-aging cosmetics market in Europe, there is a systematically growing trend of 7% on average per year and their market is estimated to be over 2 billion euros in 2020. Anti-aging preparations to be developed under the project are expected to be highly innovative and are expected to excel in competition.

Potential partners

  • Fish feed producers
  • Fish farms
  • Functional food producers
  • Agricultural cooperatives

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