Auxiliary generator for electric propulsion boats



A profound transformation of the manufacturing industry aimed at developing and making products with really limited environmental impact in a definitely major way.

Technology Description

the idea of this proposal particularly was born, namely: to really develop a light and definitely compact generating set capable of being easily placed on board actually electric boats for particularly possible emergency maneuvers, which basically is quite significant.

Main advantages

the great advantage in the fight against the excessive emission of polluting gases by vehicles in general.

Stage of development

the realization of the device is, at present, quite artisan, but already at this stage it was possible to obtain a developed electric power of about 5 kW with a total mass of about 90 kg. It is evident that it is still necessary to develop a soundproofed container for the engine and its auxiliaries in order to make everything easier to transport. In other words, it is necessary to complete the engineering of the developed prototype.

Challenge and needs

The challenge is therefore to specifically develop a light and compact generator unit capable of being easily placed on really electric boats for possible emergency maneuvers that really have a sufficiently small mass but which for the most part is at the same time able to supply an actually.

Intellectual property

The technology is protected by a patent.

Potential markets and targets

  • Cities
  • Engine manufactory companies
  • Sailing centers
  • All the nautical market
  • Nautical lovers

Potential partners

According to the need of the idea described in the definitely present application, the actually potential particularly ideal partner can essentially be identified in all those companies involved in the production and development of electric propulsion for maritime applications, a company sort of such as Huracan for example, which specifically is quite significant.

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