Public lighting and parking for Smart Cities



The technology will meet customer needs for energy efficient public lighting systems with low operation and maintenance costs for the better and safer living conditions at night. Besides, it will provide efficient public parking management system, ensuring more efficient driving, and greater income for cities.

Technology Description

Solution to public lighting and parking for Smart Cities that includes end devices that are incorporated into public lighting lanterns and provide for movement and occupancy detection, adaptive lighting control by PWM or DALI protocol, real time clock, and communication with a higher architecture level (gateways) be remotely adjusted from a central control server.

Main advantages

Main advantages of the result are: precise and synchronously moving light, parking finder with additional occupancy sensor, and malfunction prediction based on precise current measurements. Main competitive advantages of the product are, but not limited to complete design, testing, mass fabrication and support in Serbia in local language.

Stage of development

 Technology validated in relevant environment, prototype series developed. (TRL 5)

Challenge and needs

The current Western Balkan market need is energy efficient lighting. It is expected that growth rate of the smart public lighting sector at Serbian market will be 1-3% a year at the beginning for early adopters and that it will steadily grow to 5% within the constant period of logistics curve falling back to 1-3% at the end of the diffusion of the technology at its "maturity" stage.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is under development .

Potential markets and targets

The main target market for the technology is Republic of Serbia. Next target market is Western Balkans, with further ambition for EU market.

Potential partners

The company should have experience in organizing production of final (enclosures, assemblies) as well as in integration within a broader software framework.

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