Rider Audio Modality- RAM



In the last years automotive infotainment has become a large market and a field where automotive companies show their main advantages against the competition. The global infotainment market is estimated to worth $33.78 billion in 2016 and estimated to grow by a high rate until 2022. In Powered Two Wheelers only two companies produced, in 2017, motorcycles with integrated infotainment system, KTM® and KYMCO®. These two systems focus mostly on the entertainment aspect trying to attract new consumers from the always connected generation with functionalities as media player and social media. The systems use a visual display to inform the rider something that is a direct adaptation of the car infotainment systems. However, motorcycles are not cars. When a rider rides a motorcycle needs to be fully alert and focused on his primary task. The use of social media and telephone calls have been proven to be the worst distraction that in many occasion lead to fatal accidents. With this proposal, we use a natural user interface that produces minimal workload and is the main way of human communication, the speech, while we adapt the smartphone technologies with target safer riding and better information for the rider. All components are integrated to the Rider Audio Modality or RAM a device that can assist, inform and entertain a motorcycle rider.

Technology Description

The Rider Audio Modality or RAM is a device that can assist, inform and entertain a motorcycle rider. Its main parts are a smart intercom headset and a voice assistant. The smart headset integrates many different types of sensors while the voice assistant (its name is RAM) is a Natural Language Processing system. Both systems have additional functionality when connected with a smartphone. RAM requires minimum input from the user, most of its functions are automated and provides the user with valuable information in a natural way with text to speech functionality, without additional workload or distractions, making the trip safer and more comfortable.

(Frederico Martins, Creative Commons 2004)

Main advantages

The advantages of RAM in functionality over the competition include:

  • Does not require from the consumer to buy a new motorcycle, it can be used with all PTWs.
  • The app does not increase the rider workload affecting his safety, because the smartphone display is not its main communication channel
  • Allows the improvement of safety with features as Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Rider Information Support and eCall
  • It is based on open standards as OBD-II, eCall, open data for accidents
  • It is using the latest advancements in speech recognition technology
  • Will turn an old motorcycle to a C-ITS vehicle

Stage of development

The research team has carried out the following work for the RAM technology:

  • Experiments were performed for the development of rider health condition and distraction monitoring
  • A smartphone app for riders with speech instructions and navigation features was developed that can communicate the information through a headset
  • Advanced Human Machine Interface devices specifically for riders were developed

Challenge and needs

At our laboratories there is equipment and developed methodologies for measuring the effectiveness and acceptability of systems developed for the riders both on the road with instrumented motorcycles or in controlled conditions on our motorcycle simulator. Currently there is no prototype device however there is knowhow and developed algorithms that can be integrated in a prototype if this research idea will be funded.

Intellectual property

A prior art search has been planned.

Potential markets and targets

The global infotainment market is estimated to worth $33.78 billion in 2016 and estimated to grow by a high rate until 2022. The target groups for the respective technology (RAM) are mainly car and motorcycle manufacturers like AUDI, TOYOTA, MERCEDES, KTM, Piaggio, Ducati as well as personal protective equipment developers for motorcyclists (DAINSE-AGV). Among others headset manufacturers like Cardo, Sena (USA) are target groups as well

Potential partners

Potential partners can be developers of motorcycle Personal Protective Equipment like DAINESE- AGV (Italy), headset manufacturers like Cardo (USA), Sena (USA) or motorcycle manufacturers like Piaggio, Ducati (Italy)

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