Waste management of grape skins



Application of advanced biotechnologies for developing the micronized food ingredients in wine industry.

Technology Description

The aim of this Project is to perform the best strategy in waste management of grape skins (GS) as major by-product in wine industry by application of advanced biotechnologies for developing the micronized food ingredients. Evaluating the antioxidant potential of grape skin products in different formulations, we will be able to select the one with the best performance and propose the retail prototype for this product. Since EPR/electrochemistry method is hallmark combination, we aim to develop the standard procedure for number of future antioxidant analysis of various agronomy products.

Main advantages

The advantages of using either liquid or dried GS based food ingredients are quite important considering that with these GS additives we bring significant amounts of antioxidants and dietary fiber, the two functional compounds categories very important in today’s human healthy lifestyle.

Stage of development

Technology is validated in lab.

Challenge and needs

The main challenge in this Project is to find the best application of obtained GS recovery products and to optimize the processing of GS waste material for winemaking companies needs/of different scale. In addition, the challenge will be the formulation of several pilot functional foods with added GS recovery material and selecting ones upon the best nutritional and sensorial quality.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is not protected.

Potential markets and targets

In Serbia, there is currently have 353 registered wineries. Regional wine production is rapidly increasing since wine market is expanding very fast. The whole region is known for perfect agro-ecological conditions for grape production and wine of very good quality.

Potential partners

Regional wineries that use grape varieties such as "Plavac mali" and "Prokupac" for production.

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