The idea definitely is to develop a software architecture built using an SDK of drone (such as DJI SDK) that can kind of manage different layers of information over the raw video image of the drone in a really big way. These layers contain information related to the fairly real environment that is displayed by the device, for all intents and purposes contrary to popular belief. Information that enhances reality basically is identified by a geo-marker.

Technology Description

It define AR as the overlaying of virtual elements generated by computer onto the visual perception of physical reality, through a camera. AR technology allows the user to see the real world augmented by virtual objects. In other words, AR provides an environment in which virtual and real objects coexist. Geo-location AR is the combination of augmented reality, GPS, and location-based services.

Main advantages

  • combines multiple technologies together
  • it allows a saving of time in identifying hazards and / or objects and lost subjects
  • transversal application to different sectors

Stage of development

The technology has been validated in the relevant environment, it is necessary to arrive at the prototyping of the technology to arrive at the desired use.

Challenge and needs

The proposed application is not only able to support both technical and non-technical workers during ordinary field activities with a drone but also helps them to move quickly within the critical areas, as for instance, during a flood event. In fact, thanks to its fast interaction with POIs and other sources of information, it shows timely and continuous up-to-date augmented information speeding up decision-making processes and thus potential interventions.

Intellectual property

The technology is not yet protected by a patent.

Potential markets and targets

Monitoring and controlling activities. Many systems such as power lines, wind turbines, water monitoring activities can be checked by drones.

Potential partners

  • civil protection
  • police
  • suppliers of raw materials, with the aim of monitoring the transport lines of the aforementioned raw materials (methane pipelines, electricity networks, etc.)
  • Universities and research centers for prototype development
  • companies working in the security or surveillance sector
  • companies working in the field of remote sensing

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