Transport and Mobility

Green maritime mobility, hybrid propulsion, smart ports, coastal intelligent transport systems, sustainable transport schemes, maritime services, multimodality…

The transport and mobility sector is one of priorities of many European countries and is highlighted as such as the OISAIR Macro Regional Smart specialization Strategy. In the Adriatic and Ionian area, improving connectivity within the Region and with the rest of the Europe is a strategic objective because of the huge macro-regional infrastructure disparities over the countries. A “better use of intermodal transport will reduce the costs of delivering goods in Central and Eastern Europe, improve the eco-balance and restore the competitive position of the Adriatic ports as natural gateways to Central and Eastern Europe. The EU economic integration process of the Adriatic and Ionian area can stimulate a better development of the transport sector as long as the countries opting for EU integration should be able to reorganize their domestic transport systems in an efficient and more competitive way”.

With reference to the Adriatic- Ionian area, the sub-thematic priority areas identified by the OISAIR analysts are referred in particular to “green” technologies and solutions for maritime mobility of people and freight, essential to boost the sustainable economic regional development of Adriatic-Ionian sea basin.

According to the analysis, 3 sub-thematic area will be taken in consideration:

Hybrid propulsions and vessel energy efficiency systems
Coastal (shortsea) based Intelligent transport systems (ITS).
Smart ports solutions.

Heater-in-converter (HIC): bringing heating capability to power converters without density penalties

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Smart logistics platform

This technology is about smart logistics platform in order to allow real-time process optimization.



Smart e-toll mobile application

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